Auditing survey information

Land development reference 7.5​

Auditing is a process which can be used to verify the output of a supplier's activity or process conforms to the requirements of the customer. In relation to the supply of 'as constructed' information to us by Owners, we may conduct audit activities to verify:

  • the type of information required by us has been supplied

  • the information is accurate to within specified tolerances

Our audits 7.5.1

We'll determine the timing, subject and level of intensity for audit activities.

Audits of survey information will be conducted without prior advice to the Consultant. The Consultant will be advised an audit has been conducted only if a non-conformance requiring corrective action is revealed.

We reserve the right to conduct retrospective audits and to notify non-conformances in relation to completed Works for up to five years after the Works are vested in us.

Scope of survey audit 7.5.2

We may conduct asset recording audits both during and after construction.

The audits may include:

  • check of MGA94(z55) and or AHD connections

  • accuracy of MGA94(z55) and AHD information

  • comparing the recorded details and location of the constructed asset to the actual details and location

  • checking the accuracy of the submitted information

Consultant's responsibility for non-conformance 7.5.3

We'll advise Consultants in writing of the nature and extent of any detected non-conformance.

Consultants will be expected to provide an appropriate response to any non-conformances notified. If appropriate this would be expected to indicate actions such as:

  • rectification works

  • corrective and preventative action on work procedures

Audit costs 7.5.4

Our cost of carrying out audit activities is included in the following:

  • drainage contributions within Development services scheme areas

  • process (acceptance) fee paid when accepting an Offer outside Development services scheme areas

An exception is in the case of an Intensive Audit. If required, costs associated with Intensive Audits must be paid in addition to other contributions and fees.

Intensive audits 7.5.5

In an intensive audit, we'll adopt a quality control role and check information at predetermined points. Intensive audits may be implemented when we no longer have confidence its requirements are being met.

Intensive audits will normally cover only those aspects of the asset creation within the Agreement process where quality of outcome can't be assured. For example, we may implement an intensive audit of construction activities only, where the design and recording processes are being adequately carried out. However, if non-conformance is widespread or significant enough to affect the quality of the entire Agreement, we'll implement intensive auditing of all aspects of the Works.

Intensive audit costs 7.5.6

The owner is responsible for the cost of intensive audits. Intensive audit fees must be paid before we'll issue a Letter of Release for the subdivision.


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