Pay online

Use our online payment system to pay a Melbourne Water invoice or offer document, up to a maximum value of $10,000.

Note we do not accept split payments. For amounts greater than $10,000, arrange a direct deposit by calling our Customer Service Centre on 131 722.

We do not accept payments for household or business water bills – instead, contact your local water company.

Accepted payments

Examples of fees that can be paid online include:

  • area contributions
  • waterway diversion licence fees
  • online application fees
  • rental of Melbourne Water properties
  • Clearwater events.

Pay online

Ready to submit your payment? You’ll need your:

  • Melbourne Water invoice or offer number
  • credit card details.

Payments are processed using Westpac’s online payment system. Your personal information will be handled according to Westpac’s and Melbourne Water’s privacy policies.

Pay online now 

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