Work or build near our assets or easements

Building surveyors and councils won’t issue a building permit unless you have our written approval to work or build near our assets such as pipes, drains and water mains.

We manage an extensive network of pipes and other resources across Melbourne. Most are on our land, but some may be on or near your property or building site. To check if our assets are near where you want to build, use the free Dial Before You Dig service or call 1100.

Check if assets are near your property and locate assets

Find out what to do when you:

  • Build and renovate: find out what to do if our assets are on your property
  • Develop property: access the right application form for your development
  • Plan utility and other works: find the right application for your works

Need help? We can help you with what you need to do if you plan on working or building near our assets — contact us.

Build, develop and renovate property

If there are assets on or near your property, you’ll need to email [email protected]. We'll help you provide detailed location information to your council so you can apply for a planning permit.

You need our formal approval before you can build or work on any new or existing structure, on or near our assets. Depending on the development type and asset location, there are different forms and processes use the appropriate ones for your project:

Utility and other works

Councils, authorities and utility companies need our formal approval before working near our assets. 

There are different application forms and processes depending on the type of work and the asset’s location.

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