Who we are

In Melbourne, water is essential to our way of life.

That’s why together with other groups, we plan for and manage all elements of the water cycle for today, tomorrow and generations to come. From:

  • providing clean drinking water,
  • treating sewage so we can recover and re-use our valued resources,
  • planning to prevent flooding, to
  • keeping all 25,000km of Melbourne’s rivers, creeks and catchments healthy. 

Taking action in the decade that matters 

People walking along water

The impacts of climate change bring hotter and drier weather, more severe bushfires and unpredictable storms and floods, less rainfall over time, and, of course, the possibility of another drought. By 2030, over six million Melburnians will need water every day.

We are in the decade that matters when the actions we take now will define our future. That’s why at Melbourne Water, we are taking action to manage and protect the resources essential to our way of life.

Through all that we do, we recognise that the Traditional Owners of the region have connections to and hold ancient knowledge of the land and water that are inseparable from their lives. In tending to all the rivers, creeks and surrounding land of our greatest backyard, we work as partners, we listen, and we tell the truth with traditional owners throughout our region.

Our vision

We are committed to enhancing life and liveability for the greater Melbourne region.

Water is essential to our way of life and so is the work we do to enhance the natural environment we live in and the communities we are part of.

Children at a waterway

Our values

Councils and community members gather outside, they are looking at an iPad which is being used as a community engagement tool.

As caretakers for Melbourne’s water cycle, we care for water, life and land throughout Melbourne: both its people and its biodiversity. Our three core values are integral to the way we do that work.

  • Make it count: We set clear expectations, prioritize fiercely and take calculated risks to achieve our goals. 
  • Dive in: We choose curiosity, lean into tough conversations and celebrate diverse perspectives. 
  • Do what’s right: We deeply care about Melbourne, our customers, and each other. We take personal responsibility for our business's performance and future                                                


How we operate

The Minister for Water, in consultation with the Treasurer, appoints our Board of Directors. 

The Essential Services Commission reviews and determines our prices through a pricing submission every five years. 

The way we deliver our projects and services is guided by our vision and values.

In 2021, the Victorian Government made the decision that the Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority (PPWCMA) would be integrated into Melbourne Water, effective from 1 January 2022.

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