Hosted and funded by Melbourne Water, Clearwater is a capacity building program that works with the water industry to transform the way we manage water – using integrated water management (IWM) for healthy, connected communities.

Clearwater supports water professionals, organisations and the sector to take a whole-of-water approach by improving skills, increasing knowledge and facilitating networking across Victoria.

Clearwater is an important bridging organisation, sharing research and helping understand the needs of councils.
- Rob Catchlove, Wave Consulting

Who we work with

Clearwater works with a range of stakeholders including:

  • local government
  • state government
  • research
  • academia
  • water retailers
  • housing developers
  • consultants.

Our program

Developing people

Classroom style workshops, seminars and educational bus tours showcasing projects, giving people time and space to develop their understanding and knowledge.

Connecting organisations

Custom workshops bringing organisations and sectors together with leading experts, sharing the latest research and encouraging best practice.

Fostering networks

Regular events and direct referrals, bringing water professionals together share knowledge, generate ideas and collectively build a strong, connected water industry.

More information

For more information visit the Clearwater website, or call 9679 7711.

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