Visit Melbourne's waterways

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Melbourne’s waterways. This summer, go for a walk or a hike along our waterways, have a picnic or go birdwatching.

Outdoor activities and wildlife guides

Help make a difference with these simple projects to save water and the environment, or simply get to know the animals that live in your local river or creek.

Mount Evelyn Water Treatment Plant

Melbourne Water is planning the construction of a new water treatment plant at Mount Evelyn. The proposed new plant will increase the resilience of the nearby Silvan Reservoir Water Treatment Plant, which plays a vital role in providing Melbourne with safe drinking water.



Vent line replacement works

Melbourne Water contractors WOOD will be replacing three ageing vent line conduits within the Richmond Main Sewer along...


Sewer manhole inspection works

Melbourne Water contractors WOOD will be inspecting the condition of a sewer manhole and its internal fittings located...

Cooling and greening the west

We have planted 700 trees into the ground at Cherry Lake in Altona with visions to plant more at various locations across the west in 2022. These trees will help reduce the urban heat island effect which leads to higher temperatures and lower air quality in those urban communities without enough vegetation.