The importance of sewerage

In Melbourne, a safe, clean and healthy environment is essential to our way of life. At Melbourne Water, we manage and treat our city’s sewage, ensuring the health of our environment, our communities and our families.

The story of water

Learn about the Story of Water and the role you can play in this new video series.

Hobsons Bay Main Upgrade Project

The Hobsons Bay Main Sewer is a critical part of Melbourne’s sewer network, transferring around 30 percent of Melbourne’s wastewater to the Western Treatment Plant.


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  • Elster Creek Catchment Area

Elster Creek Litter Collaboration

Melbourne Water is collaborating with Glen Eira City Council, City of Port Phillip, the Environment Protection Authority...

Citizen Science Month

April is a citizen science month, so why not dip a toe in and give citizen science a try!