Why waterways matter

Our rivers and creeks provide habitat for more than 1,800 species of native plants and 600 species of native animals. They also supply water to homes and businesses, including the farms that grow our food.

Water facts and history

Discover the facts and stories behind our water data. With in-depth knowledge acquired from managing Melbourne's water supply catchments, sewage treatment, river health and major drainage systems, we're keen to share the knowledge.

Hawthorn to Richmond Sewer Replacement

We’re replacing the sewer siphon that transfers sewage under the Yarra River, as part of the second phase of works on the Hawthorn Main Sewer upgrade.



Epsom Road Main Sewer Renewal

Melbourne Water is completing upgrade works to the Epsom Road main sewer (EPS) as part of a four-year, $100-million...

Create a frog-friendly habitat

October is peak breeding season for Melbourne’s frogs and across the city and our guide will step you through designing and building your own frog pond.