Where your sewage goes

Sewage, comprised of 99% water, is the wastewater from our kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and toilets, as well as from industry and businesses. Find out what happens after you flush and then read the benefits of 'poo power' harnessed by the treatment process.

Explore our leading-edge projects

Explore our innovative projects that showcase our commitment to research excellence and broader global sustainability goals.

Cardinia Reservoir dam upgrade

We’re planning to complete a dam safety upgrade to Cardinia Reservoir in the summer of 2024/25, as part of our proactive management of our water supply reservoirs. The upgrade will protect and prolong the life of one of Victoria’s most pristine water catchments, helping us to continue supplying world-class drinking water to Melburnians.


  • Western Port

Ramsar Protection Program

The Ramsar Protection Program is a long-term, collaborative environmental program working to maintain or improve the...

Waterways of the West

The Waterways of the West – Traditional Owner Engagement Project links community environmental groups based in the...

Caring for our rivers and creeks

Find out about the challenges facing our waterways and learn how you can help care for them today so we can enjoy them tomorrow.