Protecting Melbourne's Waterways

Rain, storms, and floods are a natural part of life in Melbourne. As our city grows, increased pressure on our drains and waterways presents new challenges. Melbourne Water manages a complex drainage system, including retarding basins and wetlands, to protect our iconic rivers, creeks, and bays from the impacts of stormwater.

Let's make litter extinct

As Melbourne grows, so does our litter problem. Litter pollutes our drains, rivers, creeks, and bays. Together, let's make litter extinct and protect our environment for future generations.

Hobsons Bay Main Upgrade Project

The Hobsons Bay Main Sewer is a critical part of Melbourne’s sewer network, transferring around 30 percent of Melbourne’s wastewater to the Western Treatment Plant.


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The story of water

Learn about the Story of Water and the role you can play in this new video series.