Stormwater management

Find out how to apply best practice stormwater management and use water sensitive urban design (WSUD) in your developments.

Stormwater assets

Introduction to water sensitive urban design (WSUD)

Learn how managing stormwater helps to prevent flooding, improve water quality and protect our waterways.

Introduction to WSUD


Planning and building permit

Clause 56 and council permits

Clause 56 sets stormwater management objectives or 'best practice', that must be met for residential subdivisions.

Clause 56 and council permits


treating stormwater

Options for treating stormwater

Choose one or more water sensitive urban design (WSUD) treatments that best suit your needs or find out more about WSUD treatments in general.

Options for treating stormwater


stormwater harvesting

Stormwater harvesting

Key design considerations for designing a stormwater harvesting scheme including flow diversion, treatments, water storage and risk management.

Stormwater harvesting

Stormwater harvesting licence



Design, construction and maintenance

Our recommended requirements for ensuring high-quality water sensitive urban design (WSUD) treatments.

  1. Early planning

  2. Concept design

  3. Functional design

  4. Detailed design

  5. Construction and handover

  6. Maintenance




Online tools and resources to help plan and implement best practice stormwater management.

Case studies and checklists

STORM and MUSIC tools


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