Early planning

​Early planning is important to ensuring a successful WSUD project. A planning meeting should be held with the responsible authority to discuss potential issues and constraints, and clarify any project requirements.

Key information

The planning meeting should cover the following information:

  1. catchment size and land use

  2. site characteristics

  3. drainage characteristics

  4. WSUD strategies and targets

  5. preferred WSUD asset types

  6. Clause 56 implications

  7. design considerations

  8. preliminary construction, operation or maintenance considerations

  9. ongoing maintenance responsibilities

  10. precinct structure plan for growth areas


It is important to have the right representatives at the planning meeting, including:

  • a project manager

  • drainage engineers

  • environmental or sustainability officers

  • parks and gardens officers

  • maintenance staff

For more detailed information on planning for stormwater management:

Developing a strategic approach to WSUD implementation - Clearwater


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