Case studies and checklists

The following checklists, design examples and case studies have been developed by Melbourne Water for use by councils. They are intended to help improve outcomes at the hold point stages in capital works and developer constructed projects.

Sediment ponds

Constructed wetlands



Stormwater harvesting

Note: Checklists for construction, handover, operations and maintenance for stormwater harvesting must be provided by the designer.

South East region

The South Eastern Councils WSUD guidelines were created to promote the implementation of WSUD and to create consistency across the councils in the southern and eastern regions of Melbourne.

These guidelines set out councils' expectations for WSUD projects within their respective municipalities. They include the main guidelines document covering information relevant to all councils, and an addendum document for each council outlining their specific requirements. The WSUD guidelines can be used as a reference for external stakeholders, such as developers and consultants, as well as councils.


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