Diversion pricing, forms and guidelines

Access the latest prices, application forms and supporting information relating to diversion management and licences, including our annual newsletter.

Prices and service standards

Current fees and charges

Our services and prices have been approved by the Essential Services Commission as part of our Price Submission.

Diversion pricing table

Customer charter

Our Diversion Management Customer Charter details service standards for our supply services and licencing activities. It also covers the respective rights and responsibilities of Melbourne Water and diversion customers.

The charter has been developed in accordance with the Essential Services Commission’s rural water business customer service code.

Forms and guidelines

Diversion licences

Works licences (pumps and off-takes)


Stormwater licences

Stormwater harvesting licence (online application)

Water entitlements

Permanent or temporary water trade application (online application)

Water entitlement transfer upon sale of land (online application)


Newsletters and fact sheets


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