Waterway diversion and stormwater harvesting

​We manage the taking of surface water from rivers, creeks and dams in the Yarra River, Lower Maribyrnong River and Western tributary catchments. This water is used for a variety of agricultural, industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

We also issue stormwater harvesting licences for those who wish to take stormwater from one of our waterways or drains.

Unregulated waterways

Water irrigation licences in the Yarra catchment, Stony Creek, Kororoit Creek, Laverton Creek and Skeleton Creek are for supply of water from unregulated streams.

Regulated waterways

Water irrigation licences from the Maribyrnong River are for water supplied from a regulated river system via releases made to the river from Rosslynne Reservoir at Gisborne.

Stormwater harvesting

You will require a stormwater harvesting licence from Melbourne Water to harvest any quantity of stormwater from a waterway, drain, channel or asset controlled by Melbourne Water.

Charges from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

Unregulated waterways​ Charge ($)
Licence service fee (all licence types)​ ($ per annum) 264.84
Power generation licence​ ($ per kilowatt) 22.86
Volume charge ($ per ML)
All months licence ​33.41
​On-stream winter-fill 16.83
​Off-stream winter-fill ​16.83
​Licenced farm dam ​16.83
​Non consumptive ​2.13
Works operating licences
Hazardous dam ($ per annum)​ ​97.18
General ($ per annum)​ 57.41


Regulated waterways ​Charge ($)
Licence service fee (all licence types)​($ per annum) 264.84
Volume charge ($ per ML)  ​
All months licence​ 69.91
​Off-stream winter-fill 16.83


Stormwater harvesting ​Charge ($)
Licence service fees ($ per annum) ​264.84
Volume charge ($ per ML)  ​
All months licence​ 33.41


Application fees ​Charge ($)
​Transfer - Sale of Land  323.11
​Amalgamation, subdivision (existing licences) 423.39
​Minor amendment
(e.g. add/remove parcel, party or existing entity )
​Transfer - downstream trade 713.12
​Transfer - upstream trade 1,052.98
​Transfer - repeat trade application ​155.98
​New licence - stormwater 1,058.53
​New licence - non consumptive/power generation 713.12
​Additional charge where irrigation and drainage plan required ​278.53
​Works licence - amendment (e.g. pump replacement) ​378.83
​New works construction licence - dam/stormwater ​807.84
​New works construction licence - pump only 635.10
​Re-issue - failure to renew -  domestic & stock ​183.82
​Re-issue - failure to renew - all licences 278.53
Re-issue - following revocation​ 1,470.81
​Copy of record 55.69
​Application to renew ​323.11
​Land information statement 111.39

These charges were reviewed through a public process, where the Essential Services Commission:

  • completed extensive analysis of Melbourne Water’s 2016 Water Plan, which sets out the expected costs to deliver planned capital works programs, service standards and forecast volumes for each prescribed service
  • reviewed capital expenditure, operating expenditure and forecast demand
  • consulted with stakeholders, including a review of submissions made by interested parties

The 2016 Water Price Review covers a five year regulatory period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2021.

Metering charges

All new licences must be metered at the applicant's cost, which varies according to the size of the irrigation meter needed. For more information:

Metering guidelines

contact us online


Last updated:
10 July 2019