Stormwater connection guidelines

We must approve any new or modified stormwater connection into our drains, waterways or open drainage channels. Connections must meet our technical requirements, which differ depending on whether you are building a stormwater outlet or inlet.

Stormwater outlets

Stormwater outlets are connections from a development to one of our open waterways or drains.

Outlet connections must be designed and constructed to our specifications, as indicated in our creek enhancement work guidelines (though these may vary by site).

We will provide further details about the connection method once we have assessed your application.

Contractors needing to carry out work on underground drains must have a Permit to Work. To get a permit, they will need to complete a permit recipient training course. 

Permit to work (standard condition 3.11)

Stormwater inlets

Stormwater inlets are connections from a development to one of our underground drains.

Connections or works to our assets shall be carried out by our preferred contractors, who must hold a Permit to Work.

Find technical specifications for inlet connections in the following guidelines.

Pipe connections

Junction pits

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