Easements and reserves

Land development reference 5.3.3​

The use of easements and reserves to protect our assets will be influenced by the type of asset, long term statutory responsibilities, implied rights and required control over use of the land. 

We generally own land only as a necessity, in order to protect its rights and interests. The use of easements and reserves are dependent on implied right of use, environmental issues, maintenance requirements, public safety and co-location.

Each subdivision will be assessed on a case by case basis.

All excavation works must be contained within the easements shown on the certified plan of subdivision. Where part of any excavation is outside these limits the easement must be widened to contain the excavation, or backfill the additional excavation in accordance with the requirements of us and the local council.

A reserve in favour of us may generally be required for:

  • our waterway if there are no public open space uses

  • a floodway or major overland flow path if there are no public open space uses

  • our water quality treatment assets and retarding basins unless otherwise negotiated

An easement in favour of us may generally be required for:

  • our underground pipeline passing through a property

  • a floodplain to ensure development within the floodplain is controlled

  • overland flow paths through properties

  • maintenance access requirements

Easement width for pipelines

We generally require an easement width of at least six metres, which includes a 1.5 metre minimum lateral clearance from the outside edge of the drain on both sides.

The six metre width is required to enable machinery to access the drain and perform maintenance, duplication, reinstatement or replacement works.

Floodway/overland flow requirements are treated separately however, in most cases a pipeline will be adequately catered for within an easement sized for floodway purposes. The drain should be constructed so it's centrally located within an appropriately sized easement or, following construction of the drain, the easement be varied such that the drain is centrally located within such easement.

Pipe size and required easement width
Pipe size (mm)​ Easement width (metres)​
Up to 825​ 4​
825 - 1500​ 5​
1500 or greater​ 6,​ or D + 3m (whichever is greater)

Please note: The table is to be used as a guide as required easement widths may vary in some circumstances.


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