Levee banks

Land development reference 7.18​

'As constructed' information of levee banks is relatively easy due to the accessibility. Whilst all endeavours should be made to fulfill the 'as-constructed' information requirements, these endeavours mustn't place any person at risk nor infringe on Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

​Location of levee bank with respect to title 7.18.1

Levee Bank centrelines must be located in relation to title boundaries by offsets and ties, as well as MGA94(z55) co-ordinates. Offset distances to title boundaries are the primary measurements used to relate the Levee Bank centreline to title. Tie distances are used to relate tangent points or changes in alignment to title. MGA94(z55) co-ordinates of both asset and title provide a means of verifying the positional accuracy of the asset in relation to VicMap Property.

To enable us to verify works have been constructed in accordance to design and to assist the surveyor in annotating the design plans, 'as constructed' cross sections locating toes and top of banks, are to be taken co-incident with any design cross sections. This will enable a direct comparison to be undertaken. If there are no design cross sections, then 'as constructed' cross sections must be undertaken at every 50 metres, tangent points, changes in horizontal direction, start and end of transitions and at the ends of the levee bank.

The 'as constructed' cross sectional information (i.e. offset and level text) is to be annotated on the design cross sections where they exist or submitted as addendum sheets to the design plans. If the constructed levee bank isn't in accordance with design, then the annotated design plan must clearly depict the difference by superimposing the 'as-constructed' cross sections over the design cross sections, or if addendum sheets are created, then the design should be superimposed on the 'as constructed' cross sections. The title boundary should also be depicted on the cross section, with the appropriate offset.

If the alignment of the levee bank is completely re-aligned, then new alignment plans and cross sectional plans will need to be submitted. These plan numbers should be incrementally increased from the last sheet number of the design set.

Chainages 7.18.2

A running 'as constructed' chainage of the levee bank must be annotated on the alignment plan to identify where 'as constructed' cross sections were taken.

Chainages must be specifically taken at the following points:

  • commencement and completion of works

  • tangent points

  • all changes in horizontal direction

  • at all cross sections


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