Example notes for design plans

The following notes are examples of, but not limited to, those which may be required on the drainage design plans.


  1. All levels are in metres to Australian Height Datum (AHD)

  2. Coordinates for setting out are to Map Grid of Australia (MGA)

  3. Works must be constructed according to our relevant specifications and standard drawings

  4. All pipes are nominal size RC pipe to be supplied in accordance with project specification 

  5. All pipes are nominal size RC pipe unless otherwise shown

  6. All pipes are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) solid wall pipe by an approved manufacturer

  7. All pipes are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) profile wall pipe by an approved manufacturer

  8. Manhole covers and gratings must match finished surface levels


The project area contains hazardous services including high pressure gas mains and underground electric and telecommunications cables. For assistance in locating mains or in an emergency contact:

Service ​Contact ​Telephone
Gas​ ​<insert> ​<insert>
Electricity​ ​<insert> ​<insert>
Telecommunications​ ​<insert> ​<insert>


Concrete grade: Melbourne Water <insert> Grade concrete <insert> type cement must be used in construction of all structures.

Service connection: The contractor must:

  • supply all materials for the connection of the existing stormwater drain to the <insert> drain
  • reconnect all existing house stormwater drains which discharge to the new drain
  • <insert> clear days notice prior to the commencement of the works must be given to the Superintendent
  • reinforcing steel must be structural grade <insert> in accordance with specification <insert>
  • All cross sections are drawn looking upstream

Environmental requirements:

  • all trees must be preserved and protected at all times
  • trees marked O may be removed
  • environmental Effects Statement

Existing topsoil must be stripped and stockpiled from the entire area of fill and excavation for later site restoration.

Disturbed areas must be topsoiled and sown with approved grasses. Temporary fencing must be erected to prevent access to treated areas.

Curve no.​ ​Centre radius ​Arc length ​Tangent length 1
1​ 35.00​ 3.56​ 1.78​ 5 40' 40"​
2​ 20.00​ 10.48​ 5.36​ 30 01' 20"​
  • Coordinate details, e.g.
​Pipeline chainage ​Easting ​Northing
00.00​ ​338148.11 5819472.41​
3.56​ 338145.85​ 5819469.66​
83.80​ 338098.20​ 5819405.09​
  • Restricted blasting: No blasting is permitted within <insert> metres of the <insert> mm diameter water main.
  • Danger
    • Transmission pressure gas pipeline

    • High pressure gas pipeline

    • Co-axial cable

    • Westernport-Altona-Geelong (WAG) oil pipeline

    • Transport Authority power cables

    • Public Transport Corporation power cables

    • Earth cables in vicinity

    • Electricity company overhead transmission lines

    • Induced currents may occur

    • Minimum clearance <insert>

    • Contact <insert> Phone number: <insert> (insert name and phone number of authority contact person) <insert> clear days notice prior to the commencement of the works must be given to the Superintendent. 

  • Warning

    • Warning - <insert> mm sewer rising main in vicinity <insert> clear days notice prior to the commencement of the works must be given to the Superintendent.

  • Pipetrack

    • The pipetrack must not be used for construction access or the storing of materials and equipment without the written approval of the Operations Manager of the responsible authority. Phone number <insert>


  • Clear cover to reinforcement must be <insert> mm.
  • Minimum lap length must be <insert> mm. Fabric must be cut to suit drain opening.
  • All exposed steel components must be hot dipped galvanised after fabrication.
  • Pit dimensions, e.g.
​Pit no. ​A ​B ​C ​D1 ​D2
SDP1​ ​2200 ​2600 ​1300 ​1800 ​1350
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