Stormwater management during construction

These standards have been developed by Statewide River & Stream Management as part of the training notes for our Site Environmental Awareness Training (SEAT) for contractors. They've been reproduced in part to assist you in preparing for the management required on your construction site. 

Site Environmental Awareness Training

The preferred sequence for the implementation of environmental measures is preventative measures followed by control measures. By preventing erosion, the need for sediment control is reduced. 

For effective erosion management the measures must be: 

  • appropriate for the purpose

  • installed correctly

  • maintained

Where these measures aren't met they won't have any capacity to fulfil the desired purpose. So essentially the costs associated with materials and labour to erect the measures is wasted.

The following sections discuss the range of measures which can be used on construction sites to manage these two scenarios.

Principles of erosion management 6.13.1

Sediment management measures 6.13.2


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