Develop a site management plan

​The Site Environmental Management Plan (EMP) kit provides land developers, consultants and contractors with a step by step process for developing a comprehensive site specific Environmental Management Plan for subdivision construction sites.

The SEMP should identify the environmental risks for the site, their likelihood and consequence, along with environmental protection measures which are proposed to manage this risk.

The SEMP kit was developed by the City of Casey, Shire of Cardinia and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, with assistance from us and the Environment Protection Authority. The project was assisted with funding from the Victorian Government, as part of the Stormwater Action Program.

The kit comprises two parts.

Guidance notes

The major components of the guidance notes include:

  • requirements for environmental management on subdivision construction sites.

  • risk assessment guidance

  • lists of environmental protection measures that may be appropriate for use on your site

  • self-check checklists to aid in internal reviews of Site EMPs and their implementation


The template consists of two plans.

  • Plan 1: includes a space for a site plan and boxes for narrative, to detail the types and locations of environmental protection measures on the site

  • Plan 2: includes a risk assessment checklist and an area for designs of the environmental protection measures to be used on the site

The guidance notes are designed to be printed in A4 size. Plans developed in accordance with the template must be submitted in A1 size.

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