Standards for plans and design drawings

Summary of changes to LDM Section 6.0 Construction Specifications, Nov 2009 6.2.1

​Standard ​Description ​Notes
AS 1012​ ​Methods of testing concrete ​Replaces AS 1212 (incorrect standard specified)
AS 1245-2002​ ​PVC pipes and fittings for storm and surface water applications ​No change
AS 1289​ ​Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes ​No change
AS 1319-1994​ ​Safety signs for the occupational environment ​New
AS 1379-2007​ ​The specification and supply of concrete ​Updated from AS 1379-1997
AS 1449-1980 Wrought alloy steels stainless and heat resisiting steel plate, sheet and strip ​Deleted, superseded by AS 4673-2001 and ISO 3506-2009
AS 1554.3-2008​ ​Structural steel welding - welding of reinforcing steel ​Updated from AS 1554.3-2002
AS 1646-2007​ ​Rubber ring joints for water supply, sewerage and drainage purposes ​Specified 2007 version
AS 1657-1992​ ​SAA Code for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders ​No change
AS/NZS 2032-2006​ ​Code of Practice for installation of UPVC pipe systems ​Updated from AS 2032-1977
AS/NZS 2033-2008​ ​Installation of polyethylene pipe systems ​Updated from AS 2033-1980
AS 2124-1992​ ​General conditions of contract ​No change
​AS 2187.1-1998 ​Explosives - storage, transport and use - storage ​No change
​AS 2187.2-2006 ​Explosives - storage, transport and use - use of explosives ​Updated from AS 2187.2-1993
AS 2566.2-2002​ ​Buried flexible pipeslines - installation ​No change
AS 2837-1986 Wrought alloy steels stainless steel bars and semi finished products Deleted, superseded by AS 4673-2001 and ISO 3506-2009​
AS 3500.3​ ​National plumbing and drainage - stormwater drainage ​No change
​AS 3600-2009 ​Concrete structures ​Updated from AS 3600-2009
​AS 3610-1995 ​Formwork of concrete ​No change
AS 3690-2009​ ​Installation of ABS pipe systems ​Updated from AS 3690-1989
​AS 3725-2007 ​Loads on buried concrete pipes ​Updated from AS 3725-1989
​AS 3996-2006 ​Metal access covers, road grates and frames ​Updated from AS 3996-1992
​AS 4058-2007 ​Precast concrete pipes (pressure and non-pressure) ​Updated from AS 4058-1992
​AS 4139-2003 ​Fibre reinforced concrete pipes and fittings ​No change
​AS 4198-1994 ​Precast concrete access chambers for sewerage applications ​No change
​AS/NZS 4671-2001 ​Steel reinforcing materials ​No change
​AS/NZS 4673-2001 ​Cold-formed stainless steel structures ​New, along with ISO 3506-2009 replaces AS 1449 and AS 2837
​AS/NZS 4680-2006 Hot-dipped galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles​ ​Updated from AS 4680-1999
AS/NZS 4792-2006​ ​Hot-dipped galvanised (zinc) coatings on ferrous hollow sections, applied by a continous or a specialised process ​Updated from AS 4792-1999
​ASTM D2922-04 ​Standard test methods for density of soil and soil-aggregate in place by nuclear methods (shallow depths) ​No change
ISO 3506-2009​ ​Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners ​New, along with AS 4673 replaces AS 1449 and AS 2837
​ISO 9002-1998 ​Quality systems - model for quality assurance in productions, installations and servicing ​No change
​77.A.079 ​Sands and crushed rock ​No change



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