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'As constructed' requirements

Land development reference 7.6

We require the following:

  • Survey Control (Registered PSM) information for the purpose of audits during or following completion of the Works

  • CAD files - the original design plans should be annotated with 'as constructed' information and submitted in CAD format. For further details, refer to this form: 

  • PDF files: Adobe PDF files are to be produced as an output of the 'as constructed' CAD files.

  • Hardcopy plans: Licence Surveyor certified hardcopy plans are only required on relevant plans of as constructed information where an asset relates to a title. The hardcopy plan doesn't replace, but is in addition to the CAD and PDF files.

  • Digital 'as constructed' Survey Information: survey information for centrelines/structures of assets must also be provided, as well as for features surveys, including wetlands, retarding basins and waterway rehabilitation works. Refer to As Constructed Requirements for Digital Survey Information.

Last updated:
24 May 2018