Constructed waterways in urban developments guidelines

Land development reference 5.14

Constructed waterways are required to adequately provide drainage and flood protection in urban developments due to increased flow and frequency of urban stormwater. Constructed waterways are to be designed to ensure they have improved ecological, social and amenity values.

Our Constructed Waterways in Urban Developments Guidelines should be consulted for key design principles.

The guidelines cover the following objectives:

  • identify principles of waterway management to be considered when modifying/constructing a waterway

  • improve the consistency of works along a waterway where separate developers are designing separate sections

  • assist in the planning, design and construction of integrated waterways  constructed or modified due to urban development

  • provide references and links to sources of more detailed design information

Example of a constructed waterway

Before – a grassed floodway with a concrete-lined channel with very limited ecological value.

After – following waterway rehabilitation works. The constructed waterway has a more natural form, with improved habitat and water quality treatment.


Last updated:
27 September 2017