Dung beetles in agriculture


This page provides local information on dung beetles for the Melbourne Water catchment.
In previous years, breeding nurseries were established for new species of dung beetles to hasten the breeding and establishment of beetles in the region. Many of these sites have been impacted by extended waterlogging during La Nina cycles and we hope to re-commence breeding new species in 2023/24.

Elster Creek Catchment Flood Management Plan


We’re taking a holistic approach to reducing flood risk in Elster Creek Catchment, collaboratively implementing the Elster Creek Catchment Flood Management Plan 2019-24 with the cities of Bayside, Glen Eira, Kingston and Port Phillip.

Epping-Somerton water main connection works


Melbourne Water is undertaking water main upgrade works in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. These upgrade works will ensure that additional water can be transferred between Silvan and Greenvale reservoirs to accommodate for the area’s future growth and ensure the community continues to be provided with a reliable and secure water supply.