The Crown Casino Pump Station has been providing vital flood protection to the area for almost 30 years, and has been upgraded to ensure it continues to provide essential flood protection for the area.

We raised the electrical switchboard and all associated equipment to reduce the likelihood of river levels reaching them, and causing catastrophic damage in extreme weather events.

We thank the community for their patience while we carried out this essential work to ensure that we have optimal flood mitigation in the area, which especially important in extreme weather events.


Crown Casino Pump Station contains four submersible pumps and three motorised penstocks to control water flow. Under normal operating conditions the penstocks are closed and the drain system is kept empty by the intermittent operation of the submersible pumps. 

Under extreme storm events, the drain flow rates are higher than the capacity of the four pumps, and the drain level continues to rise. When the level in the drain exceeds the river level the penstocks successively open to allow a greater flow directly to the river.  

The electrical switchboard and control systems were at the end of their lives and have now been upgraded.

What we did

The works included:

  • Upgrading the existing electrical switchboard and moving it closer to Clarendon Street 
  • Installing a new control system within the new switchboard

  • Raising the level of the electrical and control equipment to meet expected river levels in extreme storm events

  • Sealing and waterproofing the bluestone housing the electrical and control equipment 


2020-2021 - Concept development

Planning and site investigations


2022 - Detailed design

Further planning and site investigations, stakeholder consultation


Late-May 2023 - Start works


Late 2023 - Works complete

Your Feedback

We welcome your feedback. If you wish to contact us with your comments, or for more information relating to the Crown Casino Pump Station please contact:

  [email protected]

 131 722 (ask for the Crown Casino Pump Station project team)

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