Melbourne Water is planning to upgrade the Cranbourne Service Reservoir Tank to ensure it continues to provide ensure a high standard of water quality now and into the future.

Why is this project important?

The Cranbourne Service Reservoir Tank was originally built in 1971 and since then has been operating as an important part of the water supply system.

It is located in Grant Street, Cranbourne, within the grounds of the Cranbourne Racecourse and Recreation Reserve, and stores water for supply to the Cranbourne township area, Clyde-Devon Meadows, Tooradin, Warneet, Cannons Creek and Blind Bight.

The internal and external coating on the tank wall have performed well over the last 50 years however are now starting to show signs of coating breakdown and will need to be replaced. There are also other defects on the tank structure and site which will need to be rectified during the tank re-coating.

We recognise that there will be some short term disturbances, however this upgrade will make the tank significantly safer and easier to access for monitoring and maintenance purposes and  ensure it continues to store and supply high-quality drinking water to the local community for decades to come.

What are we doing

This works will include:

  • Removing and replacing the internal and external coatings of the tank.
  • Replacing the 42 meter diameter tank roof including all support structures (e.g. columns and beams).
  • Installing a new entrance in the wall of the tank.
  • Replacing the existing internal and external ladders with stairways to provide safer access.
  • Asphalting the perimeter road and installation of site drainage surrounding the tank.



Mid 2021

Concept development, planning and site investigations.


Late 2021

Detailed design, further planning, site investigations, stakeholder and community consultation.


Mid 2022

Early works commence.


April 2023

Maintenance works commence.

Not Started

December 2024

Works completed.

Managing Impacts

Melbourne Water will make every effort to minimise construction impacts to our neighbours and surrounding community, however during construction you may notice:

  • Some noise and dust, in particular when the tank is being cleaned prior to re-painting and from the roof structure being removed via a crane and replaced
  • Installation of a construction site compound within the tank site
  • Extra vehicles and personnel within the tank site
  • Moderate clearing of the site, including removal of surrounding shrubbery. 

Prior to works commencing, we will also undertake a cultural heritage, flora and fauna assessment of the area which will include working with the local community and stakeholders.

All noise and dust will be monitored closely, in accordance with the EPA guidelines. We will undertake practical measures to reduce disruption to the surrounding community, and communicate key work dates and times well ahead of works commencing.

There will be no impacts or interruptions to local water services while we undertake the works. 

Keeping you informed

We will provide more information, including the timing of activities, as the project progresses and more information becomes available.

Contact the project team

  131 722

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