Feral Cat Free French Island


We're collaborating with government agencies and the French Island community on a five-year project to create a safe haven for threatened wildlife, by eradicating feral cats from French Island.

Grow West


Grow West is a long-term, collaborative environmental program working to rejuvenate degrade landscapes in the Upper Werribee Catchment and create vegetation connections between the YouYangs Regional Park, Brisbane Ranges National Park, Werribee Gorge State Park and Lerderderg State Park.

Growing Carbon


Growing Carbon is a three-year pilot project exploring the potential for local revegetation projects to generate carbon offsets that also provide environmental and social benefits.

Hallam Valley Wetlands improvements


We share the greatest backyard in Melbourne. Our iconic rivers and creeks are the lifeblood of Melbourne’s natural landscape – they’re what makes living here great. Melbourne Water undertakes regular maintenance along our waterways, including maintaining and improving our wetlands in the area. The Hallam Valley wetlands require some minor works to improve how the wetland functions.