We share the greatest backyard in Melbourne. Our iconic rivers and creeks are the lifeblood of Melbourne’s natural landscape – they’re what makes living here great. Melbourne Water undertakes regular maintenance along our waterways, including maintaining and improving our wetlands in the area.

The Hallam Valley wetlands have undergone some minor works to improve how the wetland functions. These works include regrading of some parts of the wetland, installing new rock lined channels and planting of native vegetation. All of these works will help improve the flow of water throughout the wetland system and improve how the wetland works. 

Hallam Valley Wetlands rock channel

Timing of works 

Works commenced in October 2023 and have now been mostly completed.

Revegetation will commence in spring and should be completed by early 2025.

The wetlands are now open to the community to enjoy.


October 2023

Works commenced to improve the Hallam Valley Wetlands.



Works are completed and the wetlands reopen to the community

Not Started

Spring 2024

Revegetation of the wetlands commences

Not Started

Early 2025

Revegetation completed

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