Quiet Lakes water quality results

We regularly monitor blue-green algae and E. coli levels at lakes Legana, Illawong and Carramar, and will notify residents if these exceed the recommended standards.

Like any open body of water, the Quiet Lakes are impacted by the surrounding environment. Stormwater, nutrient levels, low water flows and warm weather can affect water quality, increasing blue-green algae (BGA) and E. coli.

Through flow options for Lake Carramar

Following the Essential Services Commission's (ESC) decision regarding Lake Legana and Lake Illawong, we advised that we would undertake an analysis and assessment of potential solutions to enable through flow to Lake Carramar. This is now complete.

Arrangements are being finalised to implement the solution for a trial period of two years, to ensure its effectiveness. Arrangements will be in place for this summer.

We will continue to monitor the lake for levels of blue-green algae over the summer months while the trial is underway.

Blue-green algae levels 

Primary contact refers to any activity involving direct contact with water, where the whole body is immersed or the face is frequently wet and water could be swallowed, such as swimming or bathing.

We follow the Department of Environment and Primary Industries' blue-green algae circular when monitoring and reporting algae outbreaks:

Water quality reports

Last updated:
12 August 2020