Seasonal firefighters

A summer challenge, unlike any other. Become a Melbourne Water seasonal firefighter next season.

Teagan Morris (left) and Renelle Verkes, are firefighters with Melbourne Water.
Teagan Morris (left) and Renelle Verkes: firefighters with Melbourne Water.

Got plans this summer? Take on a challenge where you'll be contributing to the wellbeing of both local and city communities and protecting our precious water catchments, flora and native wildlife.

We're looking for men and women from all walks of life who are community-minded and love the outdoors. You'll be on the frontline as a first responder for bushfires but importantly you'll be involved in prevention activity and land management, to stop or slow fires well before they start.

Positions also involve elements of water supply maintenance and general maintenance, and no two days are the same.

We are now recruiting in the following regions:

  • Healesville Depot
  • Warburton Depot
  • Thomson Depot.


What you need to do

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Task-based assessments will be carried out simulating the kinds of field work you'll do. This includes carrying 20kg over 4.83km in under 45 minutes. 

All applicants will undergo:

  • a national police record check
  • phone and face to face interviews
  • psychometric testing
  • medical test
  • fitness test.

Successful applicants will receive general firefighting training.

Fires are unpredictable, so standby hours apply. Flexibility of hours is required, so being able to be on standby during the employment period in case of fire outbreaks is essential. For Healesville and Warburton you'll need to be able to respond in 30 minutes (max).


Check your fitness

Crew of firefighters conduct backburning in catchment area

Thinking of training up for selection? It's a great idea to check with your doctor prior to undertaking any vigorous activity, particularly if you:

  • are over 40
  • have experienced faintness, light-headedness or blackouts
  • have experienced unusual heartbeats such as skipped beats or palpitations
  • have been told that you have abnormal blood pressure
  • have high cholesterol
  • have had heart troubles or a heart attack
  • have a family history of heart problems
  • have any major illnesses.


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