Volunteer with Landcare and be part of a movement making positive change in the community and environment.

Landcare is a community-based movement that brings people together to discuss land and natural resource management, and take practical action to protect and enhance our environment.

Melbourne Water provides strategic support to Landcare in the Port Phillip and Westernport region on behalf of the Victorian Government, helping groups and networks to continue their work.

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Why join Landcare?

Landcare volunteer group planting trees at Arthurs Seat
Landcare Group planting trees at Arthurs Seat.

Landcare was formed in Victoria in 1986 following the collaborative work of Heather Mitchell, President of the Victorian Farmers Federation, and Joan Kirner, former Victorian Minister for Conservation.

At its core, the Landcare movement helps farmers and landholders understand their land, and preserve and improve its condition, productivity and contribution to wider environmental health. Often this involves restoring or rejuvenating vegetation, soils, waterways, native species and coastal environments as they cope with soil issues, weeds, pest animals, habitat decline and urbanisation.

The shared volunteer work and social contact with like-minded locals also strengthens community networks and aids personal health and wellbeing. And in times of great need, such as bushfires and floods, these community networks and resilience are incredibly valuable.

Get involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and take direct action to help the environment, water quality, native wildlife and community.

In the Port Phillip and Westernport region, there are 89 Landcare Groups and around 500 other environmental volunteer groups, including Friends groups, Coastcare and Committees of Management. Many of these groups are part of 18 networks that collaborate on landscape-scale issues and projects.

To find environmental groups in your area, visit the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action’s environmental volunteering webpage.

Landcare support

Group of Landcare volunteers standing in a circle around a collection of seedlings

In Victoria, Landcare is underpinned by the support of the Victorian Government. This funds:

  • a Regional Landcare Coordinator role for each region, guided by the Landcare Support Plan
  • Landcare facilitators to support groups and networks
  • the annual Victorian Landcare Grants program
  • opportunities for Landcare volunteers and professionals.

Regional Landcare Coordinator

The Regional Landcare Coordinator for the Port Phillip and Westernport region is Barry Kennedy. Barry supports Landcare groups to develop the tools and resources they need to attract and keep people involved in environmental efforts.

If you’re a Landcare group or network, contact Barry at:
 0447 821 559
 [email protected]

Victorian Landcare Grants

The Victorian Landcare Grants Program provides funding each year to support Landcare and environmental volunteering groups and networks that protect, enhance, and restore our land and natural environment. Both the grants and their volunteer and in-kind contribution are a powerful and impactful driver for environmental restoration and community collaboration.

Melbourne Water administers the program on behalf of the Victorian Government, and monitors and evaluates projects’ environmental impacts and reports on their outcomes.

Case studies: ‘From the ground up’

This series of video case studies demonstrates the passion, innovation and drive of Landcarers and environmental volunteers. 

They dive deep into grassroots efforts to improve environmental outcomes in a variety of settings – from urban reserves, Yarra Valley vineyards and tree-changing farm enterprises. They serve as a call to action for would-be environmental volunteers, and a statement of the profound contribution our Landcare partners have made to their local environment.

Watch the full series in the following playlist, or view individual videos below.

Mornington Peninsula Intrepid
Bass Coast Landcare Network

See the difference landowners can make by restoring their local environments. Hear from Bass Coast Landcare Network Executive General Manager, David Bateman, and the people he’s supported to make their properties better places to farm and live.

Bass Coast Landcare Network - From the Ground Up - transcript

Northern Yarra Landcare Network
Urban Bushlands Initiative
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