Activities for all ages

Learn about water in the environment with our fun educational activities and resources: from virtual tours and games, to things to make or do at home, school or outdoors.

Wondering where to start? Understand how water travels around the earth with an overview of the natural and urban water cycle.

Virtual tours and maps

Go behind the scenes to see where your water comes from, what happens to your sewage and how your food is grown, with our range of virtual tours.

Western Treatment Plant virtual tour

Western Treatment Plant virtual tour

Explore Melbourne’s historic sewage treatment plant, from century-old paddocks to wetlands and bubbling lagoons. Uncover photos, videos and fun facts about the site.

Maroondah Reservoir outlet tower surrounded by fog

Maroondah system virtual tour

Step back in time and discover the history of the Maroondah water supply system – including the reservoir and aqueducts – supplying water to Melbourne since 1891.

Cross-section of farm

Melbourne foodbowl virtual farm 

Discover how farmers manage soil, water and biodiversity to grow the food you eat, while helping sustainability. View real-life examples from local Melbourne producers.

Map of Greater Melbourne showing catchment boundaries, major reservoirs and water and sewer mains.

Melbourne’s water asset map 

Trace networks of water, sewerage and drainage pipes that keep our city running, or find your nearest waterway, wetland or dam.

Games and interactives

Challenge yourself with our game or quiz, or relax with our video series and colouring sheets – and learn something new along the way!

Raindrop character moving through bacteria

Drip Trip: the game

Join Drippy the raindrop on a journey across the urban water cycle, dodging obstacles and collecting fact bubbles as you move through sewers, drains and waterways.

Natural wetland with education centre in the background

Wetlands video series

Discover the many facets of the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands in Melbourne’s south east, including their fauna and flora, history, role in providing drainage and more.

Our puzzling platypus activity sheet

Waterway activity sheets

Go on a waterbug or treasure hunt and get to know your local river or creek, or learn more about litter with this series of activities.

growling grass frog colouring sheet

Mindful colouring sheets 

Download our printable colouring sheets featuring animals found in our waterways: frogs, platypus and waterbugs.

Outdoor activities and wildlife guides

Help make a difference with these simple projects to save water and the environment – or get to know the animals that live in your local river or creek, using our identification guides.

Be a citizen scientist: join one of our Waterwatch programs and contribute to the health of our waterways, from recording frog calls and platypus sightings, to monitoring water quality.

Icon of watering can

Using and saving water at school

Get your classmates and teachers together and try our tips for smart water use at your school.



Rainwater tank and girl with a garden hose

Tips for saving water at home

Make every drop count, with simple habits and tips for saving water in your home or garden.


Waterbug silhouette illustration

Waterbug identification guide and resources

Learn how to differentiate waterbugs with these handy resources, including our guide to different species and downloadable charts and posters.

Frog silhouettes illustration

Frog identification beginner’s guide

Recognise Victoria’s different frog species based on their size, colour, location and other key features, using our comprehensive guide.

Illustration of frog in habitat

Creating a frog-friendly habitat

Learn how to design and build your own frog pond at home or school, with our illustrated instruction guide.

Young child exploring planter-box raingarden

Build a raingarden

Download our instruction sheets for building a water-smart garden at home, and help protect your local river or creek from stormwater pollution.

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