The Story of Water: Water, weather and climate

The amount of water in our environment is influenced by the type of climate. Across Australia, there are six broad climate zones. Climate is the average weather conditions of a place for a long period of time, while weather is the atmospheric conditions (hot day, rain, cool conditions) for a brief period of time.

The climate in Australia, like the rest of the world is changing due to global warming; our climate has always changed but it is happening much faster than ever before. This change is causing more extreme weather like floods and droughts.

Climate change also impacts the amount of water we have available to us. There is only a set amount of water on Earth, and this precious resource needs to be protected.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe how the type of climate in Melbourne influences the amount of rainfall
  • Explain the impacts of floods and extreme weather events on landscapes
  • Consider what might happen if there were a change in the availability of water due to climate change

Things to think about

  1. What climate zone do you live in and how does it affect your weather where you live?
  2. Floods are a natural occurrence in Australia but how does this impact an urban environment? Both positive and negative impacts.  
  3. List the types of floods and droughts in Australia
  4. The link between the water cycle and climate change


Activity 1

Create a picture diary of the different weather and seasons of where you live. Your diary should include annotations explaining and showing how the weather changes throughout a year.

Activity 2

Using a map of Australia, mark and label where you live. Write down the climate zone. Then, go to the Bureau of Meteorology website and:

  1. Find the average monthly temperature and rainfall data for your school/ home.
  2. Select a location/ place from a different climate zone and collect its annual temperature and rainfall data
  3. Write a brief description describing any differences and similarities in rainfall and temperature. You can add pictures to your description.

Activity 3

There’s only a set amount of water on Earth. Investigate the different sources of water, how it can be used and ways we can look after water. Then write a short report.

Victorian Curriculum

Science: VCSSU041, VCSSU046, VCSSU047, VCSSU056, VCSSU059, VCSSU062
Geography: VCGGC067, VCGGC081, VCGGC082, VCGGC095


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