Download a map of your drainage scheme

If you know which drainage scheme your development is in, download the PDF from the list below. We provide downloads for all schemes which have a finalised design, and which still have significant development remaining.

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Accuracy of drainage scheme downloads

These drainage scheme downloads have been provided as a guide only. While every effort has been taken to collect, validate and provide this data, we can’t guarantee accuracy or completeness. Users should make their own assessment and investigations as to the suitability and/or application of the data.

Drainage schemes downloads

Drainage schemes not yet available for download

We’re currently working on a number of plans to also cover these areas:

  • Alira DS 0631
  • Beattys Road DS 4143
  • Burgess Street DS 4115
  • Cairns Drive DS 8510
  • Daameeli DS 6342
  • Devon Park DS 6827
  • East Werribee DS 8070
  • Fox Hollow Drive DS 6815
  • Gardiner Lane DS 4177
  • High Street Melton DS 4174
  • Hoppers Lane DS 8072
  • McCormacks Road DS 1317
  • Muddy Gates Drain DS 3109
  • Neale Road DS 4144
  • Oldbury DS 6349
  • Redstone Hill DS 6801
  • Shepherds Lane DS 6343
  • Stanley Road DS 3844
  • Sunningdale Avenue DS 6346
  • Turnberry Drive DS 6345
  • Williamsons Road DS 6350
  • Woodstock West DS 4566
  • Yuroke Creek DS 4360

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If you can’t find your drainage scheme in the list or there is no download available, contact us:

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