How to calculate contributions

Contributions are paid as development occurs, and properties contribute on the basis of the development area and development type.

Self-assess your likely contributions

Locate your development:

  • find your development site on our scheme maps

Calculate your contributions:

  • if you're inside a scheme use the scheme contribution table
  • if you're outside a scheme use the stormwater quality offsets rates table

If your development is on the border of a scheme or municipality, your contributions would be apportioned accordingly.

Enter the development area, the development type, and the percentage of best practice your development achieves for on-site water quality treatment. On-site water quality treatment can be used to obtain a water quality contribution reduction.

Development types are available in our Contributions policy. 

Some schemes have no quoted water quality rate, as it's expected water quality works will be done on-site. Contact us if this isn't feasible.

Contributions in detail

Our Contributions policy contains more detailed information on contributions, covering topics such as:

  • how contribution rates are derived and applied

  • definitions of development types and their associated contribution ratios

  • when contribution exemptions may be applicable​

Contact us

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Last updated:
26 September 2017