Quality management 1.10

We expect land development consulting engineers and other practitioners to be fully competent and capable of delivering waterway and drainage services to a high standard.

We encourage the development of increasing skills and capabilities amongst land development consulting engineers and other practitioners.

Based on an assessment of risks associated with the works, we may:

  1. arrange for design and construction of all or part of the works itself
  2. require the owner to engage a consulting engineer to arrange for provision of the works to our requirements

Acceptance requirements

Where we require the owner to engage a consulting engineer to arrange for the provision of Works, the owner/consultant must meet our acceptance requirements.

Acceptance of responsibility for the Works

Owners and their consultants must only engage contractors with adequate capability to undertake the works. Unless we've otherwise stated, consultants must accept full responsibility and accountability for the design, supervision of construction and the recording of all works.

If innovative works are provided, and specification of our requirements can't be adequately documented, we may specify hold points or witness points, taking into account any risk. These points may require us to approve or authorise aspects of the works before progressing.

Quality management system

Consultants must demonstrate that they have, and effectively use, a third party certified quality management system which complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001 - 2015. Unless we've otherwise stated,  the quality management system must be used to manage all aspects of the design, survey and recording of the works.

Capability to undertake assignments

Consultants must be registered users of the our Land Development Manual.

Consultants must be able to demonstrate all personnel involved in key aspects of the design have been provided with adequate and relevant training to be able to undertake design of the works so as to meet our requirements.

Quality of the Works

Except where we provide an exemption, consultants must certify all aspects of the works meets our requirements.

Insurance requirements

Prior to commencement of construction of the works, the owner must ensure the consultant and/or the contractor has insurance which provides required coverage for:

  1. contract works and materials damage insurance
  2. public liability insurance
  3. consultants professional indemnity insurance (including additional excess layer)
  4. WorkCover

Refer to the Standard Conditions section for further details on insurance requirements.

Our role as a quality auditor

We will retain the right to audit:

  1. any aspect of the design, construction and recording of the works
  2. the consultant's quality management system to assess compliance with our requirements
  3. the operation and effectiveness of the consultant's quality management system
  4. the compliance of part or all of the consultant's quality management system against the requirements of AS/NZ ISO 9001 - 2015

Where appropriate, corrective and preventative action requests will be issued to consultants.

Non-conformance with consultant acceptance requirements

We retain the right to decline to accept a consultant nominated by the owner where objective evidence exists which indicates the nominated consultant has been unable to meet our acceptance requirements.

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