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If you know which drainage scheme your development is in, download the PDF from the list below.  We provide downloads for all schemes which have a finalised design, and which still have significant development remaining

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Accuracy of drainage scheme downloads

These drainage scheme downloads have been provided as a guide only. While every effort has been taken to collect, validate and provide this data, we can't guarantee accuracy or completeness. Users should make their own assessment and investigations as to the suitability and/or application of the data.

Apply for development advice to obtain further details on the information contained within the scheme.

Drainage schemes downloads

Drainage schemes not yet available for download

We're currently working on a number of plans to also cover these areas:

  • Abey Road DS 8226
  • Alfred Road DS 7701
  • Beveridge East DS 6513
  • Black Forest Road DS 7720
  • Brookville Drive DS 6502
  • Central Creek DS 6851
  • Collard Drive DS 4642
  • Davis Creek East DS 8015
  • Donnybrook DS 6551
  • Donnybrook East DS 6509
  • Doreen DS 4681
  • Exford Road DS 8230
  • Ferris Road DS 8228
  • Harpers Creek DS 6814
  • Hogans Road DS 8090
  • Kalkallo Township DS 6553
  • Laurimar DS 6001
  • Masons Lane DS 8504
  • Mernda Central DS 4635
  • Mernda North DS 6004
  • Pedder Street Drain DS 7726
  • Point Cook DS 8075
  • Taylors Creek DS 6531
  • Taylors Creek East DS 6529
  • Wollahra Rise DS 8009

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If you can't find your drainage scheme in the list or there is no download available, contact us on 131 722.

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