Project finalisation

​Submit your End of Defects Liability Period Statement – once this is accepted, you will be eligible to receive your final reimbursement and Certificate of Completion.

Prior to this step

The construction of the works will have been completed, and you will have received your Certificate of Practical Completion.

What you need to do

To obtain your Certificate of Completion and receive any remaining reimbursements, there are a number of tasks that need to be completed.

Have maintenance agreement endorsed

If a maintenance agreement is required as a condition of the works offer, it must be endorsed by us and council before the certificate of completion can be issued.

In some cases, there will be a joint transfer of the asset to us and council. 

If the asset is to be transferred to council, try to involve a council representative during the construction stage to help facilitate the transfer process.

Lodge end of defects liability period certification statement

The defects liability period differs depending on the asset. The following periods apply and take effect from when the certificate of practical completion is issued:

  • pipes and structures – 3 months
  • earthwork and rockwork – 12 months
  • plantings – 2 years

Use our end of defects liability period certification checklist to make sure that you’ve completed all necessary steps, then lodge your end of defects liability period certification statement.

Once we have accepted your end of defects liability period certification statement and a works warranty bond has been lodged with us, we will organise for the remainder of the reimbursement to be paid and provide you with a certificate of completion.

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