If you’re constructing works required by us, be properly prepared before you start.

You’ll need to prepare tender documents which form the basis for your reimbursement, develop a Site Environmental Management Plan, select your contractor and submit your Pre-construction Certification Checklist and Statement.

We advise you wait for confirmation of your reimbursement amount before you start work.

Checklists and statements


You'll have a design and Design Certification Statement submitted and accepted by us. Your certified design should include all the information needed for the contractor to tender and build the works to our standards.

What you need to do

Get your project off to a good start by completing the following activities.

Seek tenders

Make sure your tendering process meets our requirements. Do you have a question on tenders? Visit our Tendering of works page to find out more.

Select your contractor

Contractors require a Melbourne Water Works Permit if they are entering our live drainage asset (pipeline or pit structure).

We'll offer advice about your choice of contractor, but the final decision is yours.

For soft engineering projects, we'll assess your chosen contractor, which may involve an interview to ensure they're familiar with our standards and expectations.

Obtain your reimbursement details

Forward copies of the tenders to us so we can calculate the reimbursement.

We'll calculate your reimbursement and forward it to you for review. For works valued at $20,000 or greater, reimbursements are normally calculated on the lowest tender.

Avoid commencing works until we've confirmed the reimbursement amount for the project.

Complete all required pre-construction tasks

Lodge the following documents with us:

Checklist must be with us at least five days before construction commences.

Finalise your site management plan

Submit your site management plan

Health and safety

As Principal you're responsible for ensuring all parties, including contractors are operating under a H and S Management Plan which conforms to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic) and any other current health and safety regulations. 

You're also responsible for ensuring no members of the general public are put at risk by activities on the work site.

Organise your pre-commencement meeting

Once you have completed all necessary pre-construction activities, organise your project pre-commencement meeting with us to review your plan.

By this stage you should've:

  • lodged your pre-construction certification checklist and statement

  • lodged your site environmental management plan

  • had your reimbursement calculated

  • selected a contractor

  • paid any outstanding contributions or other fees and charges owed to us

Maintenance agreements

Avoid delays finalising the project by agreeing on the maintenance agreement early. Talk to our Developer Project Works Team.

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