Stormwater harvesting licence

​You'll need to apply for a stormwater harvesting licence if you connect to new or modified stormwater drains, watercourse or open channel or harvest any quantity of stormwater from a waterway controlled by Melbourne Water.

Concept application (optional)

A concept application is used to scope out your stormwater harvesting project and ensure that your design is suitable. It also gives us the opportunity to provide advice and support while you prepare your formal application.

Required documents

To apply, you'll need the following information:

  • completed Concept application form

  • locality plans, details of stormwater source

  • plans of the development including any storage or treatment

  • photographs of the area affected would also be useful

We will respond within 30 days, and if your application is successful you will receive an ‘in principle letter’.

Formal application (compulsory)

If your concept application is successful or you are confident in your plans and designs, you can make a formal stormwater harvesting application.

Required documents

To formally apply for a stormwater harvesting licence, you'll need:

  • completed Stormwater application form

  • all supporting documents, plans and designs listed on page 2 of the application form

We will respond to formal applications within 28 days. If your application for a stormwater harvesting licence is successful, you will then need to apply to connect to a stormwater drain:

Apply to connect to the stormwater system


Please refer to the following guidelines when preparing your application:

Standard drawings can be found in the 'Stormwater harvesting' section on our Drawings webpage.


Send your applications by email or post. 


[email protected]


Diversions Team
Melbourne Water
PO Box 4342
Melbourne VIC 3001

If you have any questions, contact the Diversions team:

Last updated:
25 February 2020