Stormwater harvesting licence

You must apply for a stormwater harvesting licence if you wish to connect to a stormwater drain, watercourse or open channel, or harvest any stormwater from a waterway managed by Melbourne Water.

Before you apply

Before formally applying for a licence, you can submit an optional concept application to scope out your stormwater harvesting project and ensure your design is suitable. This free service allows you to get our advice and support before preparing your formal application.

To apply, download and complete our Concept application form:

Email or post it to:

[email protected]

Diversions Team
Melbourne Water
PO Box 4342
Melbourne VIC 3001

We will respond within 30 days, and if your application is successful you will receive an ‘in principle letter’.

Formal application process

If your concept application is successful, or you are confident in your plans and designs, submit a formal stormwater harvesting application online.

Required documents

Your application must include the following supporting documents, plans and designs:

  • Certificate of Title/s (Registered Search Statement and plan), produced within the last three months – available from
  • If the applicant is a company, company extract (not more than three months old) – available from your solicitor or
  • If the applicant is not the owner of the property, evidence showing they are the legal occupier of the land (e.g. lease agreement)
  • If applicable, written permission from the owner of the land where pumps, pipelines or other associated works are situated (i.e. Crown land, council, neighbours)
  • Engineering Design Plans detailing the diversion offtake, pumps, pipelines and any storage works existing or proposed. Plans must include a locality plan, detail plans and suitable cross sections. For any new works plans must be prepared in accordance with the requirements outlined in Works licence application - dam, pump or works (350.72 KB, PDF) (Appendix B – Works Plans).
  • Hydrologic analysis and modelling of the proposal, detailing:
    • model utilised and all inputs adopted including flow data, rainfall, evaporation and % imperviousness
    • total catchment area of the source waterway/drain
    • catchment area upstream of harvesting point
    • scenarios run, which should at least include both dry and average years and pre- and post-development runoff to a daily time step
    • total yields expected under each scenario
    • water balance information
    • expected reliability of supply.
  • Irrigation and Drainage Plan detailing the irrigation requirements and scheduling of application, as well as drainage and runoff controls to be put in place on the site
  • Photos of the works area, extraction point/s and storages.


Make sure your application meets the following guidelines:

Standard drawings can be found in the 'Stormwater harvesting' section on our Drawings webpage.


We will respond to formal applications within 28 days. If your application for a stormwater harvesting licence is successful, you will then need to apply to connect to a stormwater drain.


An non-refundable application fee must be paid when you submit your application. View current prices.

Apply now

Submit your formal stormwater harvesting licence application:

Apply online

If you have any questions, contact the Diversions team:

 [email protected]

 131 722

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