Planning your development

Before submitting your planning permit application, ensure you allow adequate time to confirm the key drainage requirements for your development. You may be required to construct works as part of these conditions.

Prior to this step

If you've submitted your application for a planning permit to your local council you may find we've added some conditions on you being granted the permit.

What you need to do

Drainage services

We can provide guidance on preparing your concept or functional design plans (including landscape plan for soft engineering works, if included) to avoid processing delays.

Check for drainage conditions in the planning permit

You may be required to enter into an agreement with us to provide drainage services as a condition of your planning permit. You may also need to comply with other conditions before we consent to council granting a planning permit.

Submit your ‘application for drainage conditions’

You need to satisfy our requirements and submit the following:

Land Development
Melbourne Water
PO Box 4342
Fax: (03) 9679 7399

Allow adequate time for processing

Works offers may take up to 60 days to be processed.

The date of the application is the date when all required fees, plans and information are received.  

If you're required to modify the design, processing of the works offer may be suspended while this occurs. This will extend the application time. 

Offer of conditions

Once we've received your application and fee, we'll prepare and forward an Offer of conditions of agreement to the owner. This offer:

  • sets out conditions under which waterway and drainage services will be provided to the development
  • includes details of special conditions and financial arrangements relating to the development

You'll receive our response within 60 days, as agreed with the land development industry, unless:

  • you've provided insufficient information to assess the application
  • we require additional information from you

Your offer may require you to construct drainage works (works offer).

Non-works offer

This usually requests that you pay a contribution towards the funding of waterways and drainage infrastructure that services a new subdivision or development. There are no requirements to actually construct any infrastructure.

A non-works offer will be provided within 28 days from the date of application.

Works offer

This will specify any contributions required, and will also specify works that are to be constructed by the developer and the reimbursement arrangements that will enable the project to proceed.

A works offer will be provided within 60 days from the date of the application.

The written works offer will:

  • specify design criteria for all assets
  • identify significant environmental issues that need to be considered in the design, or the need for further survey work to be undertaken
  • identify significant cultural issues that need to be considered in the design, or the need for further survey work to be undertaken
  • include details about how the reimbursement will be determined
  • include details on the defects liability period
  • include comments about the design plans (including maintenance comments) from our Developer Works Team

The works offer will also provide comments and reminders on later stages of the project including:

  • designs need to be compliant with our standards
  • tenders need to be accepted before the work starts
  • construction must undergo QA processes

Accept the offer of conditions

If you agree to the offer of conditions, sign the offer document and return it to us. You may choose to defer the payment of contributions.

Accepting a non-works offer

You'll not be required to construct drainage works. Once you have met the conditions of the offer, you do not need to involve us further in your project.

Accepting a works offer

You're required to construct drainage works. We'll transfer management of the project to our Developer Project Works team who'll liaise with you during detailed design and construction. Use the following form to accept the offer:

Accept the works offer before commencing work

If you choose to commence work before accepting the works offer, you accept to carry the risks associated with:

  • lack of clarity on the basis for reimbursement
  • impact on flora, fauna and heritage issues
  • land disturbance in environmental pollution
  • community related issues

Offsetting the reimbursement amount against contributions

If you wish to offset the reimbursement amount against contributions, agree to us preparing a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI).

Thinking ahead

Put your project in context

The detail in works offers may vary between stages and estates.

Read all relevant documentation applicable to the entire estate as well as that for each stage. This will ensure you understand how consistency will be applied across related projects and the contractual arrangements for the particular job.

Works offers are generally issued for stages that contain proposed scheme works.

Check our requirements

Review our requirements for providing drainage infrastructure in new developments.

Plan for maintenance

Review any comments on maintenance from our Developer Works Team and address these early to avoid delays in finalising the maintenance agreement (if required).

​Your feedback

Contact us with any comments or queries:

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