Restriction and ban status

When river levels are low, waterway diverters may be restricted or banned from taking water in order to protect the environment. Details on the specific flow levels that trigger restrictions and bans are in our Drought Response Plan.

You must check if your waterway has bans or restrictions before taking any water.

CatchmentCurrent StatusAccessFlow (ML/d)7 Day Rolling Average (ML/d)Last Updated
Arundel Creek High Risk Available 30.111.318-Aug-2017
Cockatoo and Shepherd Creek Low Risk Available 118.366.618-Aug-2017
Darebin Creek High Risk Available 47.512.818-Aug-2017
Diamond Creek High Risk Banned 11.27.618-Aug-2017
Dixons Creek High Risk Banned 1.90.718-Aug-2017
Don River Moderate Risk Available 15.913.918-Aug-2017
Gardiners Creek High Risk Available 52.583.018-Aug-2017
Hoddles Creek High Risk Available 40.420.018-Aug-2017
Kororoit Creek High Risk Available 20.112.418-Aug-2017
Little Yarra River High Risk Available 161.097.418-Aug-2017
Maribyrnong River (all year) High Risk Available 79.9109.118-Aug-2017
Maribyrnong River (winter-fill) High Risk Available 79.9109.118-Aug-2017
McCrae Creek Low Risk Available 48.933.618-Aug-2017
Merri Creek High Risk Available 66.829.818-Aug-2017
Moonee Ponds Creek High Risk Available 30.111.318-Aug-2017
Mullum Mullum Creek High Risk Available 20.813.218-Aug-2017
Olinda Creek (Lower) High Risk Available 63.349.318-Aug-2017
Olinda Creek (Upper) High Risk Banned 12.811.618-Aug-2017
Pauls Creek High Risk Banned 0.40.218-Aug-2017
Plenty River High Risk Available 19.49.618-Aug-2017
Steels Creek High Risk Banned 1.81.618-Aug-2017
Stringybark Creek (Lower) High Risk Available 34.914.418-Aug-2017
Stringybark Creek (Upper) High Risk Available 7.75.718-Aug-2017
Wandin Yallock Creek High Risk Available 29.720.318-Aug-2017
Watsons Creek High Risk Available 2.51.918-Aug-2017
Watts River Moderate Risk Available 41.032.718-Aug-2017
Woori Yallock Creek High Risk Available 257.0174.218-Aug-2017
Yarra River Lower High Risk Available 859.4744.418-Aug-2017
Yarra River Upper High Risk Available 1502.8948.318-Aug-2017

Further information

You can find out more about our role managing rivers to balance the needs of diverters and the environment:

Further information on irrigation is also available from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP):

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