Yarra River Lower

We set trigger levels using historical stream flow data for both the implementation and lifting of bans on the taking and use of water. The triggers have been set to ensure water is shared fairly between licenced diverters and the environment.

Trigger levels

Dates Ban Restriction
1 Nov - 30 Apr 200 Level 1: 600
Level 2: 300
1 May - 31 Oct 350 Level 1: 600
Level 2: 450

Bans are implemented or lifted when a catchment-specific trigger has been met, based on an instantaneous stream flow.

The full details for the licence conditions can be found in the local management plan for Yarra River.

Date Flow (ML/d)
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Flow levels are monitored by gauges (data logging stations) that provide continuous flow readings. The data logging station for Yarra River (lower) is located at Alphington (229143B).