Plants for raingardens, wetlands and swales

​Plants species used in raingardens, wetlands and swales must be perennial with an extensive fibrous root system. They must be able to tolerate sandy soils and dry conditions with temporary wet periods.

Suitable plant species

Plant species for raingardens, wetlands and swales include:

  • Carex appressa (Tall Sedge)

  • Lomandra longifolia (Bluedale)

  • Juncus flavidus (Yellow Rush)

  • Melaleuca ericifolia (Swamp Paperbark)

  • Goodenia ovata (Hop Goodenia)

Tips for planting

When planting, keep the following points in mind:

  • plant species selected should suit the amount of available sun and shade

  • recommended plant species should make up 50% of a raingarden, with the other 50% being plants that like dry environments with periodic wet periods

  • regardless of the plant type, you must plant densely – we recommend six plants per square metre

  • plants need careful attention until they mature


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