Works affecting other property and assets 3.13

​Public and private property

If the Works will affect land external to the development, the Owner must obtain written permission from the Owners or authorities responsible for the land so affected. This written permission must indicate consent for:

  1. the effect the Works are expected to have on the affected land
  2. the construction of Works through the land
  3. the registration of any drainage easement/s over the drain to be provided in favour of us at the end of construction
  4. consent for our officers to carry out audit and inspection activities within the land as required.

A copy of this written permission must be submitted to us at least five working days before the commencement of construction of the Works.

Our pipe tracks and large water assets

Where drainage Works are planned to cross either our pipe track or one of our large water assets, the following conditions apply:

  1. The Owner must pay all reasonable costs for any alterations, repairs or reinstatement works we need to perform to our large water assets and pipe tracks as a result of the Works and other works required to service the development.
  2. The Owner must provide us with a separate set of road design plans showing any road crossings of its pipe tracks or large water assets. These plans are used to evaluate the effect of the development on our water supply assets.
  3. The Owner must obtain written approval from us to blast near any large water assets. The distance from a water asset within which blasting isn't permitted varies according to local conditions and ground types.
  4. The Owner must give us at least three months written notice of any alterations needed to large water assets as a result of proposed Works. We don't accept any responsibility for delays caused by alterations to large water assets if the Owner has given insufficient notice.
  5. We'll determine vertical and horizontal separation between proposed drains and large water assets on a case basis.
  6. The Owner must give at least five working days notice to us of commencement of Works close to a large water asset.
  7. We don't accept responsibility for any drainage problems on the Owner's land arising from the existence of a pipe track or other associated water assets near a development.
  8. We don't permit the construction of drainage Works such as pits and cut-off drains within a pipe track. Drainage works required to pick up surface water flowing across or from the pipe track must be constructed outside the pipe track.
  9. Local councils must obtain a permit from us if they intend to incorporate our pipe tracks into reserves or public open space. Permit conditions will be provided by us upon application.

Our other land

Any conditions relating to the construction of the drain are outlined in the special conditions of the Agreement.


The Owner must ensure as far as practicable excavations are contained within the easements shown on the certified plan of subdivision. Where part of any excavation is outside these limits, the Owner must either:

  1. widen the easement to contain the excavation
  2. backfill the additional excavation in accordance with our requirements and the local council.


Last updated:
23 August 2017