Subdivisional servicing 1.2

The Subdivisional Servicing policy describes the general waterway, water quality and drainage works that must be incorporated into servicing of new land developments.

Our waterway, water quality and drainage works include:

  • pipelines
  • channels
  • retarding basins
  • litter control devices
  • stormwater quality control facilities such as wetlands or bio-retention systems
  • soft engineering works
  • waterway rehabilitation works

The owners of all developments must contribute towards the cost of works. When required by us, owners must arrange for the design, construction and survey of works specified by us in accordance with its requirements.

Developments must also be designed and constructed to satisfy environmental and health requirements for waterways.

The subdivisional layout must retain any valley floor overland flow paths in either their natural or modified form taking into consideration future development.

The ownership and ongoing maintenance of drainage assets in catchments of less than 60 hectares within development services schemes will generally be transferred to councils.

The ownership and on-going management of the larger drainage assets will generally be subject to negotiations between the relevant council and us.

Last updated:
6 November 2017