Operation plan 3.18

In some instances Melbourne Water may require the developer to create an operation plan as part of the new asset. 

​This will usually be for more complex assets such as retarding basins and wetlands where field staff may be called upon to activate valves and other control devices in order to operate the asset.  This requirement will be included in the works offer.

An operation plan needs to be prepared in conjunction with the rest of the project, commencing as early as the functional design stage.

Once the design has been certified, all the information you need to prepare the plan should be available.  The plan needs to be prepared in conjunction with the maintenance agreement.

The plan must specify the hydraulic function of the asset as well as the access instructions.  Melbourne Water’s in-principle agreement to these must be obtained prior to the construction commencing.

If a plan is required, Melbourne Water will not issue the Certificate of Practical Completion for the works until the plan has been accepted by Melbourne Water.  Therefore work should commence on the plan and appendices as early as possible.

Although operation plans vary slightly between projects, Melbourne Water has provided an example plan and standard templates that can be used for all assets.

Once you have completed the plan, send it to Melbourne Water in Word format for review.

After reviewing the plan, Melbourne Water will issue an acceptance or advise of any changes that may be required.

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