Maintenance agreements 3.17

When a developer is designing and constructing one of our wetlands or retarding basins, often we and the local council are expected to have joint maintenance responsibilities within the reserve.

For example, open space features (bench seats, playgrounds, barbeques, garden beds, etc.) have a community function and are to be maintained by the council. The waterbodies, hydraulic structures, aquatic and edge planting are part of our functioning asset and as such are ours to maintain.

In these circumstances, a maintenance agreement is to be prepared by the consultant which clearly delineates these responsibilities and also details the required maintenance program (e.g. grass cut once a month).

Although the specific details of the maintenance agreement will vary from project to project, a standard maintenance agreement kit is available to assist the consultant in the drafting of the document.

We'll advise the consultant of the correct title and part number of the document. Once a draft is completed, the consultant is to forward this to us and the council for comment.

Last updated:
6 November 2017