Design of works 3.6

​Scope 3.6.1

The design of the work must be carried out taking into account relevant information from the following parts of this website:

  1. Drainage design, construction guidelines and requirements
  2. Survey standards and specifications
  3. Drawings
  4. any associated reference documents

The Consultant must provide documented justification to us for designs outside the scope of these documents.

The design must include appropriate design parameters and provide for any special maintenance requirements for particular Works.

Capability of designers 3.6.2

The Owner must ensure persons designing the Works and the Responsible Design Representative are appropriately qualified, trained and experienced to carry out their roles, and they have access to our Land Development process and other appropriate industry standards and guidelines.

Design coordination 3.6.3

The Consultant must co-ordinate the design of the drainage, waterway, floodway, water quality Works, and the environmental management of the Works with any other works, operations and services involving us.

At least five working days before the commencement of construction, the Owner must provide us with written evidence the council has approved the location of the Works.

Assessment of critical design information 3.6.4

The Owner must submit any plans, computations and other information relating to critical design issues specified in the Agreement, to us for assessment. We'll require at least ten working days to assess the information.

Provided such information is acceptable to us, we'll note, approve, authorise or validate the design information as specified in the Agreement.

Design certification 3.6.5

Where design certification by the Consultant is required, the Owner must submit the following items to us at least five working days before the commencement of construction:

  1. any critical design information specified in the Agreement
  2. a Design Certification Statement, accompanied by any necessary supporting documentation or other relevant information to enable us to perform a complete design audit
  3. one A1 size paper copy and one A3 size paper copy of the fully certified design drawings
  4. all supporting calculations

The completed Certification Statement must be authorised by the Nominated Representative.


Last updated:
6 November 2017