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Connections 1.12

Connection to our asset is normally through outfall to a surface channel (either natural or constructed), or to an underground pipe system. The number of connections to our drainage system is to be minimised.

Outlet to open waterway or channel

All outlet structures are to be generally designed as per our guidelines and conceptual drawings, and where possible the existing stormwater connections in the vicinity must be utilised in preference to the construction of a new outlet. Prior to accepting a stormwater connection application, evidence must be provided demonstrating council considers it's not feasible to connect to the local drainage system.

Where outlets connect to an open waterway or channel, all outlets must consider flora and fauna, habitat, waterway geomorphology, archaeological and heritage issues. Grading of the outlet shall be in a manner velocities at the outlet don't cause any scour or erosion.

A Site Environmental Management Plan must be prepared for all outlets to an open waterway or channel.

We recommend the use of special easement MCPAA1106, MCPAA1107 and MCPAA1108 for the creation of easements over our assets

Connection to our pipe system

We require any new or upgraded stormwater connection is made to the local council drainage system. Advice should be sought from council as to the appropriate location for connection and the allowance for future and existing development. Prior to accepting an application, evidence must be provided demonstrating council considers it's not feasible to connect to the local drainage system.

Where there's an existing stormwater connection to our drainage system, this must be utilised and upgraded in preference to the construction of a new stormwater connection. Where this isn't considered feasible, application must be made to us, providing details of the proposed location and size of the connection.

Last updated:
6 November 2017