Business principles 1.1

As regional drainage authority and delegated floodplain manager, we have responsibility to provide a safe, effective system for dealing with run-off.

This ensures appropriate flood protection and provision of drainage services in the existing and growth areas of Melbourne.

​We have overall responsibility for achieving healthy rivers, creek and floodplains that meet the environmental, economic, recreational and cultural needs of current and future generations (Victorian Health Strategy, 2003).

We observe 16 industry endorsed principles when preparing development services schemes. These principles were prepared by a specially appointed Drainage Scheme Review Group (DSRG) representing the development industry, local government and ourselves.

The principles were adopted in November 2003 following circulation to industry association members for comment and endorsement.

In late 2005, the DSRG agreed that it was appropriate to update the original principles and to also incorporate the principles relating to:

  • Redevelopment Services Schemes (discontinued 1 July 2013)
  • Works Outside of Development Services Schemes
  • Stormwater Quality Offsets into a combined document

This document was endorsed by the DSRG in 2007.

These principles, together with our legislative authority and principles adopted by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) for Water Policy, are designed to provide an integrated solution to drainage and stormwater quality works. These include:

  • adoption of an integrated catchment approach to stormwater management
  • consumption based pricing, full cost recovery and removal of cross subsidies not consistent with efficient and effective services
  • environmental requirements based on the best available scientific information
  • hydraulic capacity and protection of waterway health and water quality forms the basis for determining drainage arrangements, and are the main determinants for calculating development charges for a scheme

The principles for creation and review of development services schemes:

  • ensure equity and transparency
  • facilitates development for positive social, economic and environmental outcomes
Last updated:
22 June 2021