Melbourne Water provides services integral to a broad range of development-related customer groups. These services protect new and existing properties from flooding and maintain the health of local waterways.

The Developer Customer Charter communicates our service provision expectations and seeks to strengthen Melbourne Water’s developer customer-focused commitments that contribute to the delivery of vital services for the benefit of Melbourne’s growing community.

Monitoring, reporting and review

As part of our on-going commitment, we will continue to seek ways to improve our systems to better monitor and report on our performance. We commit to reporting every quarter on our performance against response timeframes, processing of development applications and progress against the focus areas.

Quarterly Developer Charter reports





Response timeframes

We aim to respond to you in a timely manner. For general enquiries and development applications, the following timeframes apply.

Telephone messages (call-backs)

Response time: close of business the following day

Email correspondence (excluding applications)

Response time: 2 business days

Development applications

In accordance with statutory and industry agreed timeframes - see Appendix A.

Meeting with Melbourne Water

Staff members are available for meetings on request. Please contact the relevant team to schedule an appointment during business hours (8.30am to 5pm) on 131 722. We will nominate a date and time for the meeting.

Complaints and disputes

If you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion, please contact our Customer Service Centre:

Find out more about resolving complaints with Melbourne Water:

Existing assets

Applications and approvals for development impacting existing assets

Melbourne Water’s consent is required for any structures built over, or, near any of our underground assets or easements. Assets include pipes, drains and water mains.

  • Build overs - 28 days
  • Stormwater connections - 28 days
  • Utilities installations - 28 days
  • Shared pathway agreements - 28 days
  • Fencing - 28 days
  • Right of way requests - 28 days
  • Maintenance of existing levees - 45 days
  • Jetty build/construction - 28 days

Land development

Melbourne Water is a referral authority for permit applications lodged with council.

They are referred to Melbourne Water if the development is likely to impact waterways, drainage and floodplains. Once referred, we will assess the applications and provide advice in relation to its suitability.

Included as part of this is administration of drainage schemes.

  • Pre-development advice and specifications (feasibility) - 28 days
  • Provision of scheme plans - 7 days
  • VicSmart assessments - 28 days
  • Planning permits to Local Council - 28 days
  • Certification of plan - 28 days
  • Design certification functional design comments and acceptance - 21 days
  • Offer of conditions (non-works) - 28 days
  • Offer of conditions (works) - 60 days
  • Stormwater quality offsets - 14 days
  • Compliance statements (non-works) - 7 days
  • Flood levels - 14 days

Capital works assessment

Melbourne Water has responsibilities to oversee the construction process once the scheme design is complete.

Our role ensures the assets are transitioned to Melbourne Water and any necessary maintenance requirements are in place.

  • Inspection after request - 14 days
  • Practical completion - 14 days
  • Detailed design comments and acceptance - 21 days
  • Endorsement of maintenance agreement once content has been agreed to by Melbourne Water and Local Council - 21 days
  • Calculation of reimbursements - 14 days

For more information on all our planning and building services visit the planning and building pages.

Last updated:
24 June 2020