Yan Yean Reservoir

Yan Yean Reservoir supplies water to the northern and central suburbs of Melbourne. It is Melbourne’s oldest water supply reservoir; the dam is an earthfill embankment and was completed in 1857.

Yan Yean Reservior landscape in the evening with Melbourne skyline in the background
Yan Yean Reservoir in the evening, with the Melbourne skyline in the background

Introducing Yan Yean Reservoir

As Melbourne's oldest water storage reservoir, Yan Yean helped transform Melbourne into a modern metropolis after very small beginnings as a settlement along the Yarra River. You can find out more about Yan Yean as part of Melbourne's water supply history.

The location of Yan Yean Reservoir in Melbourne’s north makes it a key strategic source of water for supplying the northern and western areas of Melbourne, which will experience significant population growth over the coming decades.

For more information about Yan Yean's location, check out this Google Map.

Rainfall figures for Yan Yean Reservoir

Check out storage and rainfall data, key rainfall facts and historical rainfall data for Yan Yean Reservoir:

Storage and rainfall data

View current storage levels and catchment rainfall data for Yan Yean Reservoir on our most visited page, Water Storage and Use.

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Key rainfall facts (mm)

Here are the wettest, driest and average stats per month, for Yan Yean:

​Month Wettest​ Driest​ Average​
​January 144.1 (1872) 0.0 (1878) 44.7
February​ 221.0 (1911) 0.0 (1991) 46.2
March​ 193.3 (1970) 2.5 (1948) 50.0
April​ 215.1 (1901) 0.0 (1923) 56.9
May​ 147.8 (1942) 2.3 (1934) 56.4
June​ 166.8 (1977) 11.7 (1972) 52.3
July​ 146.8 (1891) 15.4 (1979) 50.8
August​ 151.1 (1939) 10.9 (1928) 58.4
September​ 231.9 (1916) 9.9 (1938) 62.3
October​ 195.6 (1934) 7.4 (1914) 67.8
November​ 207.2 (1988) 5.6 (1967) 61.9
December​ 211.8 (1930) 2.8 (1972) 56.7
Total rainfall​ 1050.9 (1872) 370.6 (1945) 664.3

Historical rainfall data (1856-2019)

Looking for historical data? Check out rainfall at Yan Yean - at this stage available to 2019.

graph showing Yan Yean rainfall data


Last updated:
19 November 2020